The Espresso 96 Story

In March of 2015, Espresso 96 transformed itself under the direction of new ownership. The goal of the new owner was to help change people’s lives by giving them a great start to the day. Whether that was through a smile first thing in the morning, a heartfelt conversation or just a great smoothie or coffee to energise them, the café’s goal was simply to be a place to connect with people that care.

The design of Espresso 96’s menu came from a long history of dieting and a personal understanding of how difficult it can be to find delicious, healthy food that is satisfying.

Our goal was to make it simple for Concord residents to find healthy, fresh food that’s more than just rabbit food. And while we have plenty of tasty, nutritious and life giving options on the menu, we also create amazing burgers, because we believe that balance is the key to life. We work with several local gyms to promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

We believe that at our cafe we are feeding the soul through our smiles and nourishing the body through our fresh food.

We also look at every dish we create to see how it can be reimagined to cater for vegetarian, vegan or gluten free requests. Unfortunately we cannot always make this happen, but the majority of our dishes have these options available. Our menu also caters to RAW and paleo requests, and in every case we try to give our guests as much variety as possible. We incorporate a variety of healthy alternatives such as lentils, organic quinoa, black beans and organic buckwheat.

All our smoothies are vegan with the option to be made vegetarian by using full fat or skim milk. We use super foods in our smoothies such as organic macca, organic spirulina, organic Acai and organic protein powder.

We also make our own RAW vegan cakes and slices. These are delicious, guilt-free indulgences that are made with love. Our muffins are baked every single day, as we believe in freshness. We go directly to the markets every week for our ingredients and ripen our fruit in-house to enhance the flavour of our fresh juices.

We try to introduce new recipes every few weeks to keep things interesting, so come in and see what’s new!

More Than Great Coffee

At Espresso 96, we make it our priority to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Our coffee cups are decomposable, including the plastic lids. We try to source all our packaging where possible from recycled materials. When it comes to the food we make, everything is made in-house from the freshest, locally sourced produce, free-range eggs and sustainable/organic ingredients where possible.

Espresso 96 Concord