Slow cooked pulled beef burger $18.90

w/ house made pickles, tomato, rocket and paprika aioli

Portuguese chicken burger $18.90

w/ rocket, tomato, capsicum, avocado and harrisa aioli

Black bean and sweet potatoe veggie burger $17.90

w/ rocket, tomato and hummus

All served with chips, sweet potato chips an extra $3


Super salads

Rainbow salad $15.90

Mixed summer seasonal vegetables and fruits arranged in a way to brighten your day.

My big fat Greek salad $14.90

Roasted Sicilian olives, grilled halloumi, cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs, cucumber, pickled red onions, extra virgin olive oil and fresh lemon.

Go pulse yourself Salad $14.90

Braised lentils, sautéed kale, goat’s cheese, mixed lettuce greens, cherry tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil with fresh lemon

Aphrodisiac Salad $13.90

Mixed green leaves, avocado, strawberries, segmented orange, almonds and house made fig dressing.

96 Power Salad $13.90

Mixed leaves, broccoli, green beans, diced avocado, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, basil leaves, pepitas and goji berries $13.90


Pasta Plate (v) $13.90

Raw zucchini noodles, dressed with house made walnut pesto fresh lemon, cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs and roasted Sicilian olives

Add marinated grilled chicken $4.00

Calamari Sunrise $17.90

Salt and pepper calamari sitting on a bed of mixed greens, avocado, red grapefruit, flaked almonds and black sesame seeds served with Aioli dressing and a wedge of lemon.

Naked Burrito $18.90

Slow cooked pulled beef, spiced black beans, avocado and cherry tomatoes, fresh corn and Spanish onion with black sesame seeds, iceberg lettuce, topped with cashew nut sour cream

Fishy Plate $22

Pan seared fish served with sweet potato fries, sauted kale, cherry tomato, Sicilian olives and a wedge of lemon.

Open Sandwiches 1 slice organic rye sourdough $13.90

Served with sweet potato crisps

Smoked salmon, avocado, cucumber and radish

Grilled chicken, sweet potato and spinach

Char grilled veggies, capsicum, mushrooms, eggplant, artichokes, zucchini with walnut pesto

Egg, mayonnaise, red onion, beetroot relish and rocket

Gourmet Sandwiches $14.90

Char grilled veggies with walnut pesto and halloumi

Smoked salmon, avocado, red onion and rocket

Chicken, goat’s cheese, rocket and tomato

Classics  $9.90

Ham, cheese, tomato

BLAT – Bacon, lettuce, avocado, and tomato

Lunch sides

Black beans, braised lentils, organic quinoa, Sauteed kale $3.50

halloumi, slow cooked pulled beef, grilled chicken $4.00

Avocado $3.00

Smoked salmon $5.00

Espresso 96 Concord